Debora Coeur videos in "Reves De Cul"


Name: Reves De Cul

Starring a seductive vixen that is Marine Cartier this French vintage classic from the beginning of the nineties is a movie that focuses solely on the sex and the amazing scenes of strap on lesbian fucking, group orgies, domination and some of the best shots of double penetration ever to be recorded on camera.

Actress: Marine Cartier,Debora Coeur,Capucine Laroche,Bepsy

Categories: Debora Coeur videos, 1992, France, French, Alain Payet, Marine Cartier, Debora Coeur, Capucine Laroche, Bepsy


Language: French

Year: 1992

Country: France

Director: Alain Payet

Duration: 84 min

Debora Coeur videos in "Reves De Cul"

Friday, December 4, 2015


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