English spanking classics : "Stunning Starlets Of The Stags"


Name: Stunning Starlets Of The Stags

Country: United States

Duration: 58 min



Language: English



Categories: English spanking classics, United States, English

Kelly Royce stars as a conservative young artist who ends up living with a flirtatious male roommate in this enchanting video. Her ravishing roommate and her former lover both move to New York City, leaving Kelly to deal with the guy on her own. But she doesn't quite know what to make of a guy who spends his nights watching porn flicks and his days shooting photos of lusty lesbian liaiguys! Both intrigued and repelled by her roomie's frank sexual openness, she ends up discovering that there's more to life than just art. Kelly Royce exudes sexual innocent sexual curiosity throughout, serving as the sweet centerpiece to all the frantic frolicking going on around her. Romantic porn that packs a punch.

English spanking classics : "Stunning Starlets Of The Stags"

Sunday, August 13, 2017


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