90s sex music : "Singles Holiday"


Name: Singles Holiday

This outdoor sexvid may have been taped in Australia. Then again, it could be Ft. Lee, New Jersey for all I know. In any event, fans of outdoor sex will enjoy a change from the old bedroom routine. The slim plotline has a group of would be dude ranchers treking by truck and horse to the main camp. On the way are the expected couplings. Nothing really special, but between the accents and the sound quality I'm hard pressed to catch all the dialog. But since there really is no story, this won't be a hardship. The outdoor sex suits Sunny McKay and Alice Springs quite well. But Aja should never venture outdoors after sunrise - like my wife.

Categories: 90s sex music, 1990, United States, English, John T. Bone, Aja, Alice Springs, Jasmin Rhodes, Nioka, Karen Barker, Tom Byron, Randy Spears, Mell Bourne, Jackie Bushkin, Lesbian

Actors: Tom Byron,Randy Spears,Mell Bourne,Jackie Bushkin

Actress: Aja,Alice Springs,Jasmin Rhodes,Nioka,Karen Barker

Country: United States

Duration: 82 min

Director: John T. Bone

Year: 1990

Language: English

90s sex music : "Singles Holiday"

Thursday, October 27, 2016


90s sex music1990United StatesEnglishJohn T. BoneAjaAlice SpringsJasmin RhodesNiokaKaren BarkerTom ByronRandy SpearsMell BourneJackie BushkinLesbian

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